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Website development: Hiller Electric

By Dawn Sailors   •   10 September, 2013



Website development: Hiller Electric

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Nearing its 50 year mark of offering electrical services to residential and commercial customers in and around this region, Hiller Electric Company called upon Iridian Group to help them build on their reputation while reinforcing their range of services and expertise by updating their website.HIL

Since their electrical services span a wide range in both the residential and commercial areas, we suggested there is a great potential for cross-over business: a commercial customer may need work done at their home and vice versa. As a way to capture both markets, the website design was created with dual features on the home page underscored by the customer service features that are common to both.

While interviewing the client, it surfaced that one of the reasons Hiller has enjoyed its longevity is due to the personal and personable contacts and relationships that have developed over the years.  Building on this strength, we used photos within the site with real people in the frame as well as mapping a website section dedicated to face-to-face introductions of the individuals “on the front line”.  Additionally, because Hiller’s expertise and customer service has been acknowledged repeatedly, we used these testimonials as a visual as well as an informational feature throughout the site.

The result is a professional and contemporary website design that is still “friendly” and has all information easily accessed with one click from the home page, regardless of what type of electrical service the viewer is interested in learning about – and with the Hiller phone number always readily available to make that initial call.

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