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Website Development: Metropolitan Utilities District

By Dawn Sailors   •   11 July, 2013



Website Development: Metropolitan Utilities District

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It is with great excitement that we’re finally able to reveal the newly launched website we designed and developed for the Metropolitan Utilities District!




This year marks the public utility’s 100th year serving the Omaha Metro area, and its previous website was showing its age and ready for a major overhaul. With an overwhelming amount of content collected over the years, navigation had become challenging, and organizing all that content in a way that made sense for the new site was a job in itself!




The entire process took more than a year to complete, but the end results are well worth the wait. The new site features an informative blog, social media links, and alerts about service news you need to know. It also includes easy-to-navigate tabs so you can access your account on every page, view how to understand sections of your bill, or learn how you can be more eco-friendly on the LiveGreen, ThinkBlue tab. This new site allows M.U.D. to keep you up to date on breaking news, current events, service outages and helpful energy tips.

We hope you find the new Metropolitan Utilities District website user-friendly, educational, informative and as refreshing as we do!

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