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What’s that sound? Printed Video

By Corrie Oberdin   •   30 January, 2015



What’s that sound? Printed Video

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This brochure may look like the type of mailer you get all the time, right?

HP Video Brochure Cover


But when you open it up, it is so much more – the panel on the right side plays video, letting your recipient watch without the extra step of having to visit a site online:

HP Video Brochure Interior

This brochure, designed for a campaign for Sirius and HP Converged Systems, was created for a select group of IT professionals who were already familiar with HP Converged Systems.  Our goal with the video brochure was to provide them with an extra touch point that could further inform them and drive a path to purchase. By adding video, information was given to them that was available at their fingertips – without asking the busy professionals to visit a website, scan a QR code, or open their email. They could access all the information they needed simply by opening the brochure!


The video includes an informative video from HP, which was bookended by motion graphics designed by Iridian Group. Here’s a sneak peek:


Do you have a project that would benefit from a video brochure? Give us a call!


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