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Perkins County Health Services

Identity   •   Posted December 2015

Project Details

  • Client: Perkins County Health Services
  • Project: Logo Design
  • Date: July 2015
  • Category: Identity

Project Notes

Perkins County Health Services is a hospital located in rural Grant, Nebraska. The hospital decided to undergo a rebrand to coincide with a major redevelopment project. The new identity needed to speak to the many services the hospital provides as well as the community it serves.

Iridian created a symbol that merges the iconic cross representing health care with a graphic representation of a planted field to create a unique symbol that visually portrays both PCHS and the community it serves.

The additional element of an award ribbon is incorporated with the angles on the lower edge of the cross. This visually ties in the PCHS tagline "To provide excellence in care... for life" by representing an excellence award ribbon.

The type treatment focuses on 'Health Services', using a bolder font for emphasis. Emphasis is also placed on 'for life', calling attention to the availability of care, no matter the stage in a patient's life.

The addition of two center rows intersecting both curved sides of the cross represents the healing aspect of the hospital services, as well as the unifying of the community with the hospital.

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