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Virtualization Playing Cards

Print, Collateral, Campaigns   •   Posted December 2015

Project Details

  • Client: Sirius Computer Solutions
  • Project: Direct mail campaign
  • Date: September 2014
  • Category: Print, Collateral, Campaigns
  • Our Favorite Feature: Designing a custom set of playing cards

Project Notes

People love playing cards – especially ones that are designed especially for them. We created a full deck of cards as part of this direct mail campaign for Sirius Computer Solutions.

There were four mailings in total that were divided up by suits – one suit was sent with each mailing. Each suit featured custom illustrations for the campaign, and focused on one overarching benefit of the solution. Along with the cards, we included a fun activity that the recipients could use the cards for (especially when they didn’t have the full deck!). The final mailing included a box to keep the cards in.

The result was a fun and unique campaign that highlighted many different benefits of a product with an overarching theme, allowing us to share a great deal of information in a way that wasn't overwhelming.

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