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It’s a Wrap! The Interiors Joans & Associates Van

By Corrie Oberdin   •   12 March, 2015



It’s a Wrap! The Interiors Joans & Associates Van

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We were asked to create a new design for the Interiors Joan & Associates van, which they use for deliveries and project set ups. Our goal? Create something simple, clean and memorable that won’t appear dated in a year or two. The result is a beautifully clean van design!


To create the design, we broke apart the logo and scaled it up.  The large scale provides a fun, graphical look with instant brand recognition. The contact information is framed out by edges of the van window and the swoop of the “J” from of “Joan”, making it easy to spot while the van is in motion. The look also subtly connects to visuals we have been using in recent print ads.


The back of the van includes the familiar logo & tagline in the back window along with contact information for both the Omaha and Lincoln studios.


“A new company vehicle is a major investment, and if done correctly, it can turn into not just a mode of delivery, but also of messaging.  We knew we wanted some type of vehicle wrap…  something current, timeless, and clean.  We wanted it to be undeniably “IBJ,” and Iridian Group nailed it.  This design is a perfect reflection of our brand and we are so excited to drive it around town – we even voted and named the van ‘Vivian’ because of all her personality!”


If you see Vivian the van around town, let us know!




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