MUD 2018 Water Quality Report

Metropolitan Utilities District

Our favorite feature

Bright colors, clean font transform cluttered and cumbersome statistics into easy-to-understand water quality facts and figures.


Each year, the Safe Drinking Water Act requires public water supply systems to prepare annual water quality reports for customers, in order to provide accurate, comprehensive information about their water supply. In compliance with this requirement, Metropolitan Utilities District tasked Iridian with designing the 2018 M.U.D. Water Quality Report.

Previously repetitive and generic charts were reimagined in visual graphics that not only better reflect the community-oriented brand, but also make the often complex data more easily understood by community members and those not personally familiar with chemistry or water industry jargon. In addition to making the data more accessible to the general public, the newly designed Water Quality report needed to reflect the brand goal of reinforcing the often overlooked ways that reliable access to safe and clean water makes our community a better place to live and work. To accomplish this, we incorporated large-scale imagery featuring various uses of water in everyday life, as well as practical water usage tips and answers to common customer questions. The effect of these combined strategic changes creates an emotional connection for the viewer customer and has taken this piece from a pragmatic report to an eye-catching piece that is as helpful as it is informative.