Who you are matters.

It can be a powerful first impression or positive reinforcement — your brand is the introduction to who you are, what you do, what you stand for and the experience that people can expect from you. Iridian has been crafting better brands for more than 30 years, applying our own philosophy of intentional design in a way that is strategic, creative and effective. Because when it comes to branding, who you are matters.

Full-service branding, design, creative and strategy

With Iridian, there is value in working with a group that brings the capabilities of a full-service creative agency, along with the flexibility of a customized solution that includes only those services that make sense for your specific situation.

Brand Strategy

More than ever, businesses and organizations are defined by their brands. With the right brand strategy, Iridian ensures your brand continues to generate equity and drives the connections that strengthen loyalty, growth and relevance.


Print remains a highly effective means of communication, promotion and interaction. Iridian maximizes this medium through the design and development of all aspects of print design, resulting in award-winning and highly engaging print from invitations and promotions to brochures, sales literature, commemorative pieces and more.

Video & Motion

There’s no doubt about it, live-action video and motion graphics drive engagement in ways not possible with other media. Iridian is able to develop and execute video and motion for digital, broadcast and branding applications that support your strategic goals in creative ways.

Web design

Created from the perspective of optimizing the user experience, Iridian’s web design produces web sites that are aesthetically pleasing, reflect the brand strategy and make it easy to access information, maximize engagement and continue to adapt to user expectations.


Make sure that your words reflect your brand voice and the personality of your organization. Iridian is able to ensure consistency and professionalism across all your company’s communication – while effectively communicating information and ideas. This includes digital and social, print and environmental, broadcast and promotional.


Whether it’s part of a permanent installation, an event, exhibit or promotional campaign, Iridian’s environmental design capabilities integrate our award-winning design within the context of the space to attract attention, convey information, engage visitors and inspire the desired reactions.

Client Testimonials

We appreciate the recognition.

While it’s true that we don’t create the work we do simply to win awards, we are thrilled when our work earns recognition from our peers and our industry. But it’s not only what it says about the work we do. Award-winning work is also the result of clients who provide great projects, actionable information and a deep-seated trust that the work we produce will perform precisely the way it’s supposed to.

Go ahead, contact us.

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