M.U.D. On Tap! Campaign

Metropolitan Utilities District

Our favorite feature

The vibrant colors and modern graphic style.


Iridian partnered with Metropolitan Utilities District to create this bold yet simple brand promoting the use of tap water in the Omaha metro area. The easily recognizable icon features a water droplet in its most simplistic form, making an immediate visual connection to the accessibility of tap water. The badge shape conveys a sense of trust in the cleanliness and safety of this often-overlooked resource in the community, while the upward angle of the type signifies M.U.D.’s commitment to continued quality and service to metro residents and businesses.

To launch M.U.D. On Tap! An internal teaser campaign ran targeting employees and generating excitement leading up to the kick-off event. Employees received a personalized package including T-shirts (ordered in their size), water bottles, and a brochure explaining the new engagement effort. The next week, the campaign launched to the public — just in time to coincide with the NCAA Men’s College World Series.

Other aspects of the campaign included a landing page, outdoor signage, and a Hydration Station that brought safe, reliable water to the community through various outdoor events and concerts.