Jesuits in Science Installation

Creighton Preparatory School

Our favorite feature

Custom illustrations of four key Jesuits throughout history


An uninspiring hallway was an eyesore for teachers, alumni and staff, but a custom wall mural design was the perfect answer for the outdated space. Inspired by the high school’s college preparatory education and Jesuit Catholic foundation, Iridian looked to the past to find examples of individuals who combined science and education with their Jesuit faith to do something extraordinary.

This Creighton Prep custom wall mural installation used a combination of flat vinyl graphics and dimensional fabric panels. Long, colorful lines bleed across every wall, drawing the eye through the entire design, giving the overlooked space desperately needed color, cohesion, and purpose.

On top of the vinyl graphics, educational fabric panels include hand-drawn illustrations of Jesuits throughout history – from the 1500s to present day. The final panel shows the over 30 Jesuits who contributed to the discoveries of asteroids, as well as every Jesuit who has a crater of the moon named after them.

Using the past to inform the future is one of the many ways we find inspiration for our clients. Are you looking for a custom wall mural design to “wow” your customers? We provide creative options, whether it’s an entire wall installation or a really memorable poster. Check out this throw back from the past for the Sirius Solidfire campaign.