Decorative Lighting Flip Book

Valmont Structures

Our favorite feature

The ability to “build your own” decorative lighting solution


We made visualizing lighting options simpler with a flip-book style sales brochure, featuring some of Valmont’s most popular decorative lighting products.

Selecting decorative lighting options for public areas is a great way to create custom experiences and add visual interest, but the options can seem overwhelming. With multiple styles, sizes and categories, it’s hard to know what decorative lighting solution is best for the newest concert hall, school or pedestrian walkway.

Using a “build your own” style sales brochure, prospective clients use the flipbook to choose between multiple styles of decorative bases, poles, and arms to create the perfect custom lighting solution to elevate their next project.

This piece has become a popular sales tool among sales agents and customers and is in its third reprint in less than two years. It’s tactile, interactive feel will ensure its use for years to come. Especially with the companion website offering options to quickly build custom solutions and create PDFs of the exact specifications.

What mix-and-match options do you have in your business that customers need help visualizing with a flip-book sales brochure? Iridian can help you develop sticky, engaging print pieces for your clients with endless size and finish options, like this Metropolitan Utilities District notebook.