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Heart Ministry Center

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Heart Ministry Center needed a non-profit marketing video demonstrating their mission of “Dignity for All” in providing food, healthcare, and a way forward to people severely affected by poverty in the Omaha area. The video highlighted the success of their programs in the local community and the ever-growing need for new services. Above all, the video highlighted the importance of providing choice and dignity.

It was crucial to show the wide range of services offered, requiring a cohesive message. The video script was able to artfully show the many facets of not only the non-profit, but the grateful recipients of their work. Showing the human touch of everyone involved, while staying true to their mission of second chances for all, was the most endearing piece of the campaign.

After shooting and editing the video footage which predominantly featured CEO Mark Dahir, his unexpected passing less than a month before the video’s fundraiser premiere required careful consideration. The video remains an evergreen non-profit marketing video that is still used to educate donors, while also recognizing Mark’s significant legacy at Heart Ministry Center.

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