YOU GOT THIS campaign

Creighton Preparatory School

Our favorite feature

Copy that speaks directly to grade school students, bright colors, and large engaging photos


As if being a boy in middle school isn’t hard enough, try deciding which high school you’ll attend for the next four years. The “You Got This” integrated campaign for Creighton Preparatory School acknowledges these concerns, equipping them with the information to support their decision, and encouraging them to engage in an event at the school.

​Each element of the student recruitment campaign uses active imagery, candid photography, and language that speaks directly to the target audience, reflecting students that look and act just like them – all within a design that appeals to the audience demographics. Bright brand colors, badges and graphics provide consistency across all elements – while lending themselves to stickers and tear-out banners that let middle school students express their preference for “Prep.”

​From the campaign video shown at student events to digital ads, radio, postcards, brochures and stickers, this local integrated campaign gives area students and families a more current perspective on an established, 140+ year old school. Themes such as brotherhood and community provide a sense of inclusion and belonging to an increasingly diverse local metropolitan area. More than passive communication, each element drives students to action – attending student-only activities and parent events, or contacting admissions.

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